Our Approach

Our Approaches to Compliance Services

David Young Law offers specialized counsel services addressing a range of organizational compliance areas.  Counsel services provide legal advice, including analysis of applicable requirements, recommendations for compliance actions and assistance in executing those actions including documentation and procedures.  On any matter you are encouraged to discuss with us your issues and compliance requirements on a preliminary (non-billable) basis.   

We also provide consulting services for compliance programs and project-based work.  These services respond to requirements for document development and drafting, project management, training, and compliance support.  Consulting Services are provided on a competitive, non-legal fee basis usually on a ½-day+ or project fee basis.

In providing both counsel and consulting compliance services we collaborate with legal and other professionals in areas in which specialized expertise is required.  Examples of such collaboration include financial services compliance; security assessments and specifications, and risk management consulting services.

Our billing can be on a time-based fee basis, a project fee basis, a combination of these or other basis that responds to the client’s criteria.  Rates reflect the firm’s low-overhead structure.  A separate fee basis is applicable for public sector and nonprofit organizations.